Day 28

What's the end goal?

Hello Substack.

Today is Step 28/ Day 28 and I’ve been wondering how to approach this email newsletter thing.

Should I:

A: keep it as a precision instrument of social proof and authority whilst building and strengthening relationships with the people I wish to serve


B: should I use it as a draft of creative mess of social proof and authority whilst building and strengthening relationships with the people I wish to serve?

or C:

Something else all together?


Really it is.

If I was engaging the services of myself, I suppose the first thing I would ask is:

What’s the end goal?

WHO do YOU want to support with your work?

WHO do YOU want to allow into your inner circle?

WHO do YOU want to form new relationships with?

You would think publishing ones inner mind on a public platform would mean beggars can't be choosers and that one will get what they’re given in relation to who subscribes to their list, but I disagree, and here is the reason why:

It is us.

We weave life’s fabric together by the choices we make everyday….

And this includes what we say or share online in more ways than we may realise.

I spent much of the last 24 months dismantling my life.

Sometimes joyfully purging all that was dead and toxic, and other times being conscious of inner and outer conflicts which occur when my words and actions don’t add up.

As the cleansing occurred, I started creating voids and gaps to take into a new future…

knowing soon I would be confronted with moments exactly like today…

when the time would come that everything was gone….

<there was no more dismantling to be had>

and now instead it was time to rebuild.

I have thousands of pieces of life’s jigsaw puzzle at my disposal now, and the end goal is to use them to create a new life….a dream life….a fairytale life….or maybe just…

a human life.

Receiving a blank nothing to weave together the fabric of one’s life is a blessing if one can choose to do it with courage….

……the only drawback is:

It takes time to get what you want.

In our society of now|now|now| holding out for a dream life is a luxury.

Bills need to be paid.

Tummies need to be fed.

Life’s pressing priorities need to come first.

But what I learned during my time in the Apprentice Journey is that every time we make a decision…..every time we touch something….. talk to or give our energy to something….every time we write, speak, create, think, act, say or do….it puts into motion a thread of life which stitches together the very fabric of our very own reality.

When we have “everything” <insert job, life, car, family, ego, etc> it’s hard to change these choices.

  • If I do this, I will lose that.

  • If I say this, I will cause fallout here.

  • If I leave here I can no longer go there.

It’s difficult to make choices when you have so much to lose.

But when you have nothing to lose?

Then all of a sudden you have everything to gain.

And so the question comes full circle again and I ask myself:

“What’s the end goal?”

Yesterday I disclosed my goal for substack is to find my tribe of 1,000 true fans, but who exactly are they?

  • What do they look like?

  • What are they interested in?

  • What will make them want to click, read, subscribe and support my journey for the next 3 years?

  • If I write about my children will this be who I attract? Other parents?

  • If I write about The Prosperity Project Student Journey, will I attract Students?

  • If I write about my creativity, will I attract other creatives?

  • Or what if I write about my strategic work? Will I attract a community of Masters interested in learning more about contribution and strategy from a mis-educated point of view?

My answer?

I don’t know.

But for the first time in my professional career….

This time, I choose all of the above.

In previous versions of my life I have <not so much> hidden <but more so> not openly disclosed the full moon version of myself….

and honestly…..

why would I?

I’m a walking paradox with memory issues who can change her mind quicker than lightning when new information is presented —or who can stand loyal to those I have given my heart to for eternity.

I can love and loathe equally.

I can fight fiercely and abhor violence in the same heart space.

I can act demure and poised and yet full of feminine sexuality.

And I can do these things <be my whole true paradoxical self> shamelessly, knowing fully who I am…..

and loving myself in all my glorious imperfections…regardless of what anyone else in the world wants to say or do.

And so….

…. this then…

…this full moon self…..

is the life I want to share, and the community of others I want to attract.

A community of well-rounded individuals who don’t feel the need to be labeled…

or the need to be right….

or the need to hide different parts of what makes them one whole unique person…

these are the people I want to support…

my ideal customer….

my tribe.

In closing, I suppose the end goal of why I am writing on Substack, is to find my tribe…a community of people who are using substack themselves to explore their full moon identity and who are also on their own Master Journey of 1,000 Steps to weave together a new life too.

And who maybe like what I did with my own journey….

want to read, watch and listen <either in silence or out loud>, until they find the courage to follow their own souls calling and live their full moon life too.

Is that you?

Are you on your own Master Journey to embrace your full moon self and bring all of you to the table or the boardroom or wherever else you need to show up on a daily basis?

Because if so, I would love to meet you.

Feel free to say hi in the comments below, or better yet, subscribe and stay in touch.

Much love