Mis-Educated is the working portfolio from my time in The Prosperity Project- Master Journey of 1,000 Steps.

The name for the newsletter comes from one of my biggest fears— that I can’t write, teach or share opinions because my education is lacking or miseducated.

One night at The Garden, we hosted a workshop for Rachel Jayne Groover, and she said something to me which stayed with me ever since.

Her words were:

“I got there first””

She was explaining how most times we are our own worst critics, and by the time a troll or hater has something to say to you, it’s like….”yep….I hear you…but don’t worry sonny…..I got there first…”… well at least that was the way I interpreted it!!”

Naming this newsletter Mis-Educated is my way of coming face to face with that fear everyday….yes…it’s true! I’ll say it upfront:

I am Mis-Educated.

I have minimal education…have been told I write like an 8th grader and have no authority to be speaking on such matters or teaching as I do….but here I am…doing it out loud and in public… even with my knowledge of data profiling and all.

I’ve been working on The Prosperity Project for < what seems like> <forever> and even though I don’t have all the answers to be teaching at The Master Level like some of the other guests, I’m still here and giving it a go.

Yes I’m sure I will get lots wrong along the way and people will point this out to me, but that’s what lifelong learning is, so by embracing this I am coming face to face with my fears upfront.

In addition to my journey at The Prosperity Project, my Master submission for the Project is to follow my dreams as a published writer <yes publishing on the web or substack counts!> with an audacious goal having 1,000 true fans by New Years Day 2023.

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Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting you soon!

Much love